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I had it running on my other computer and found the correct location to recover my meter. Very excited to find this gadget, and right after noticing MS stopped supporting. ': was very disappointed when MS decided to drop Gadget support for Windows 8. I started using it with a couple other apps when working on some other pc's and laptops. I have always loved these gadgets, its nice to be able to see your components working in real time, this helps you have a peek and kinda puts you in the drivers seat vs. it's not anything crucial, but it would be nice to have that back again.

Imagine my delight when updating gadgets on my last Windows 7 machines I discovered that Helmut had provided Windows 8 support. Excellent tools and I'm very glad to have them back. It really helps monitor the changes I make, especially opening up the other than first cores to run at full speed. For many years now, I have used the amount of memory, and CPU usage to "feel" how my system is doing, and whether or not my system has been infected. Other than that, your gadgets are great and I make sure to install them on all my systems whether at home or at work.

I also like the idea of this changing colour to indicate the temp as well - could be used instead of PC Temp! Everyone should donate and make this product even better by showing our support and giving the author a break and some funding to further this remarkable product. One thing, I know for a fact that I have a quad-core processor yet it shows that I have 8 cores.

Keep up the good work and there'll be a donation on its way soon! in a virtual world overloaded with mostly useless "Kiddy-Litter! It may be showing that I have 8 threads, and still naming them as cores 1-8. I have been using CPU Meter (various versions) for a while and I refer to then on a daily basis. Lets you know what programms are using resources etc. i think this is a varry nice but i needs some improvements. I have noticed the constant notice that a "New version available" appears regardless of the "current" version present. :) This gadget is simply, the best and easiest gadget for monitoring a computer. It has a low usage on my AMD 64X4 FX and I feel confident when I multitask with heavy apps that I'm not going to heat up even near a high temp.

It does let you know if you're operating within a safe range. Simply, you guys have the very best and most useful gadgets available.

Can't thank you enough for providing us this vital gadgets.

Version: 3.0 - Added CPU frequency, Processor icons, Processor name, Background and Cores temperatures*. Version: 2.3 - Fixed update notifier and fixed bug. Version: 1.1 - Added support for Eight Core and Triple Core Processor.

It helps me understand my lap top's functioning and limitations. So, if you implement G15 support in PC Meter, it would be amazing and I'm definitely install your app. I have been using this gadget for several years and put it on every system I build now. This has come handy alot times since i installed it, and it seems to be pretty accurate as far as temps go.

I find it indispensable in working with my lap top. I have been using your gadgets since the onset of the dreaded Vista and and find that yours are the first gadgets loaded (and I have 12 screens of gadgets). ) PC Meter, I find that the core temps do not always show despite having PC Meter running. And I concur with a previous reviewer who suggested a control just to show the hottest (or most used) core rather than the full whack (which is 12 in my case). (shame on you if you don't show your appreciation with a donation! It has improived steadily over the years from really nice to nearly perfect. I will be donating what I can to these three gadgets, the Drive meter, The ALL CPU Meter and the Network Meter are all favs. I am very pleased with it and intend to donate toward it. I love this app for my desktop and laptop, the meters for RAM and core usage is excellent.

The gadget's always worked great but I had an issue seeing the processor name the last few versions.

I have to say after following the directions in the FAQ the problem is fixed and I'm back to full functionality again.

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Version: 2.2 - Added support for Sixteen Core and Twelve Core Processor. You guys are doing a fab job on these user friendly gadgets.

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